Coping with The Break-Up (Love Part 12)

[Subject is wearing hooded sweatshirt. It is snowing. Subject is distraught.]


[Subject hit the recorder out of my hand. Stopped recording for fifteen minutes. Continued recording from the inside of my jacket pocket. Subject is crying. Audio may sound muffled.]

... I just don't get it, you know? You get [inaudible] and you feel things you told yourself you would never [inaudible]. And now, look at where we're at. Do you know what I have to deal with, now? This is your job, right? But this is my fucking life [name redacted]. I have to keep coming to [inaudible] and I don't even know what this is for.

What the fuck is this for? Goddamn. I trusted you. I trusted you.

[end of interview]

i did all that i could.
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