My Obsession With Ren


I have a HUGE crush on Ren. I'm fall head over heels everytime I look at his gorgeous face. To me everything about him is pure perfection. His eyes, nose, hair, lips, hands, and sexy body. For me he is like one of those super beautiful guys that set a crazy flower boy standard. He's the pretty male senpai that sits on the bench in the school courtyard reading a book in silence or playing guitar when a gentle breeze moves his bangs as cherry blossom petals gracefully fall diagnally in front of him. These are my unrequited feels for Ren of Nu'est lol

I'm a super enthusiastic Kpop fan with very little Kpop fan money. But I've never been so happy and in love with something in my whole life (so what I'm only 17 lol) I belong to many different fandoms and believe in no hate between fandoms.
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