How To: Dance Salsa Without Learning The Moves


You're going to learn how to dance salsa, without knowing how to dance salsa.


Whip Your Hair Back And Forth

Everyone will be so distracted by your hair whipping, your foot movement will be the last thing anyone ever think about it. Whip it real good. You'll look like a pro, I guarantee it. And this isn't just for the ladies, my guys with the man hair buns, release those scrunchies and let that hair go wild.


Go To A Really Packed Dance Club

"Oh, my god! This place is so packed -- it's hindering my ability to really show these people my professional dance skills"


Drunk Salsa

If you're drunk, people will just blame the cans of PBR you chugged earlier. You'll be the star of the dance club, and you'll probably get some laughs. You obviously can't dance salsa, because you're wasted. That is what everyone will think.


Be Confident. Be You. Have Fun.

Enjoy the salsa music and have fun!

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