J.Lo Shows Off Her New Shorter Cut

J.Lo's hair is making the headline again. Ever since her "Jenny From the Block" days she's been wearing her glamorous long locks, but a couple weeks ago she surprised everyone with a layered, shoulder-length cut. The picture above is from the set of "Shades of Blue" and the singer/actress is sporting a darker ombré bob with wavy, tousled look. And that's not all.

3 days ago, J.Lo posted a new photo showing off an even SHORTER bob.

"Short hair don't care..."

Here's J.Lo proving to you that even the most conservative hairstyle can look sexy and glamorous. Perhaps, it's the navy smokey eye and glossy nude lip. But whatever it is J.Lo owned it.

The shorter chic cut is growing on me but I still reminisce her longer locks especially...


The badass ninja ponytail for Loreal's hair commercial.


And the swinging hair from "Feel the Light" music video.

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