Realistically Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety plagues 1 in every 13 people in the world. It's a global issue, and lots of people are looking for the next best thing to beat it.

There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to reduce anxiety, but one thing is certain: You can actively reduce it over time.

Realistically reduce your anxiety with these 5 simple steps and never give up on yourself!

1. Be conscious of your triggers.

Everyone has things that trigger their anxiety. Without getting too specific, something that can help is just being conscious of them. Knowing when anxiety strikes is the first step to besting it.

2. Get some app-sistance.

There are a lot of apps available to help with anxiety, and the consciousness of it. The app I've found the most helpful is Pacifica. It's an app that asks you questions and helps to track your progress. It literally asks "how are you feeling?"

And it'll give you exercises to do based on your answer. It almost feels like a game, which is good, because it acts as a distraction.

3. Breathe damn it!

Everyone who has anxiety hears this all the time, "just breathe", "meditate", "blah blah blah", but it really does work.

Sitting down and simply taking 5 conscious, deep breaths will make you feel better. If anything it'll clear your mind, and a clear mind is an anxiety-free one.

4. Write down all of the "what-if's" that give you anxiety, and have someone close to you cross out the ones that sound ridiculous to them.

This may help to give you some perspective on what is actually happening outside of your anxiety.

5. Remember that there is no shame in having anxiety, and walk tall.

Because life isn't about being perfect. Anxiety adds to who we are, whether we like it or not. We do not have to stand for being anxious and upset, and realistically we can win the battle if we add a little bit of consciousness to our days.

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