Weekend Playlist II: Throwback Party Tunes

Ready to turn up this weekend? Check out these party time jams from the 80s and 90s and kick start your weekend. Thank God it's Friday!

1. Just A Girl / No Doubt

This song will always rock, and it's the perfect way to kick off your weekend. Its infectious beat will make everyone around you get up and rock.

2. Green Day / Basket Case

One of my favorite songs of all time always gets things going. It's a pop hit masquerading as a rock anthem and people definitely sing along!

3. RUN-DMC feat. Aerosmith / Walk This Way

This song, well it's a definite party tune. I dare you not to get up and dance to it. Probably harder than actually dancing right?

4. Beastie Boys / Fight For Your Right

No throwback playlist is complete without this rollicking track from the Beastie Boys. Their songs go far beyond partying, but this one is a mainstay for it. Play this track when things are slowing down to get people going again.

5. What I Like About You / The Romantics

Yeah, this one came out in the 80s, it's hard to tell though, because of the countless covers. Ditch the new versions and get with the original. Because the original is usually the best.

Now get out there and enjoy your weekend!

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