Kpop Phone Challenge

This looked fun I thought I'd do it ^_^ I didn't know what to use for the main picture so I legit just googled "kpop idols with phones" so there's Bigbang for ya.

I don't actually have a cell phone, I use a texting app on my iPod, so here's my iPod's lock screen ^_^ so I get to see Tao being happy everytime I use it... (・_・;

My iPod's home screen isn't kpop related bUT LOOK HOW CUTE I SPENT LIKE AN HOUR ON THIS ITS BEAUTIFUL if you're curious, I used an app called Cocoppa ;0

my photos aren't jammed packed with kpop (I mean it is but it's very spread out) so there are a few in there that aren't related.. a look into my life!

I don't really get this part since it's just all my korean songs that start by the letter A... Starting with A by Got7... Well anyway, there you have it! I tag whoever reads this!! You don't have to either \^_^/

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