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So, there isn't a lot of people who know about Mad Town so I decided to make a card about these guys. I've known them since debut (October 9, 2014) But didn't officially become a fan since like the beginning on this week lol. Better late than never! Mad Town is under J.Tune Camp; MBLAQ's younger brothers :) What is the meaning of Mad Town you may be asking, am I right? Well, ''Mad Town'' refers to a town of rowdy people who love music and know how to play. Would you want to move in to this town? I know I would! Official Fanclub name is Problematics. (Totes love this! Makes me feel like a gangster XD) Now, before we go meet the group members, let me introduce you to their Music Videos and albums so you can have a taste on how they sound like, okay? BYONG~ *disappears in the dust*

YOLO is their title track for their 1st mini-album "Mad Town". The music video expresses the rebellious side of youth: throwing skateboards and food, also playing arcade games. Following the MV, it's the album. So fruity~ different tastes of music by their sweet and delicate voices.

On March, Mad Town came back with their 2nd mini-album "Welcome to Mad Town" with the title track New World. Fresh new styles with a convincing choreography that will get you joining to the New World with Mad Town. Next to the MV is their album that will give you an eargasm. (Trust me, you will feel good afterwards)

Now, I'm going to be introducing you to the group members. Lets start with the leader and rapper Moos. Information Real name: Kim Sang Bae Birth date: April 29, 1991 Height: 176cm Blood Type: O Specialty: DJ, Rap Facts - He was originally set to debut as a member of MBLAQ but left the group shortly before debut due to personal reasons. Cheondung (Thunder) took his place. - He debuted in 2013 as part of a duo "Pro C" under the same company together with Buffy who is also a member of Mad Town.

Second is the shy, cutie and main dancer Daewon Information Real name: Park Dae Won Birth date: March 17, 1992 Hometown: Cheonan Height: 178cm High School Attended: Cheonan Technical High School Specialty: Choreographer Facts - He appeared in Dasoni’s "Good Bye" MV and promotions - He appeared in EXID's "But But TV Episode 1" - He was a backup dancer in K.Will's "Love Blossom", EXO's "Growl" & Ladies' Code's "Pretty Pretty" promotions.

(I couldn't download the image like the other members because the image was too large, so here's this one!) Third up is the main vocalist, Lee Geon. Information Real name: Lee Kyung Tak Birth date: May 04, 1992 Hometown: Cheonan Height: 179cm High School Attended: Cheonan Technical High School Specialty: Acting Facts - He was a backup dancer in K.Will's "Love Blossom".

Fourth is rapper Jota (he kinda looks like VIXX Ravi to me) Information Real name: Lee Jong Hwa Birth date: February 15, 1994 Hometown: Busan Height: 177cm Specialty: Acrobatics Facts - He was a backup dancer in Lee Hyori's "Bad Girls" MV and promotions

Next runner is vocalist Heo Jun Information Real name: Heo Jun Birth date: November 16, 1994 Hometown: Seoul Height: 183cm High School Attended: Hanlim Arts High School Specialty: Piano, Dance

Following is rapper Buffy. Information Real name: Kim Ju Hyeon Birth date: June 15, 1995 Height: 179cm Blood type: B High School Attended: School of Performing Arts Seoul Specialty: Rap Making, Japanese Facts - He debuted in 2013 as part of a duo "Pro C" under the same company together with Moos (leader) who is also a member of Mad Town. - He is going to compete with other rappers on Show Me The Money Season 4.

Last but not least the maknae and vocalist H.O Information Real name: Song Jae Ho Birth date: June 18, 1995 Hometown: Yangsan Busan Position: Vocalist Height: 181cm Specialty: Dance

Have you fallen for them yet@VixenViVi ? I bet you have. I see that bright smile on your face XD You're totes going to thank me for this. Trust me. ^_^ Now, it's time for me to go. PEACE!

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