Im just putting a bunch together now because there are too many to post individually damn these boys with their comeback

TRANS: Thanks to the many fans that love K-League and B2uties I feel as if we had a great perfrormance and received positive energy!!! Thanks to all the fans who came!!! K-League FIGHTING!!! ⚽

TRANS: I was really surprised by the amount of people in the audience, but thank you to all of the B2uties and everyone in the audience that came!!! Please support BEAST and the K-League for a long time!! Stay healthy and be happy!!!

#1 TRANS: Lee Sewon is working now!! Lee Sewon is Gikwang's characters name in his new drama "Mrs. Cop" #2 Caption: Hulk!! Smash!!!

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#1 TRANS: A sky that needs no filter #2 Caption:

Caption: This is Silva, Junhyung's new dog. Sadly Hyungnim got too big for his house so he had to move to a house with a yard :(

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