Let's Discuss...Who's the Better PG- Westbrook or Rose?

With the improved play of Russell Westbrook this season, and Derrick Rose still out with the ACL injury, who would you rather have on your team? Westbrook or Rose? Who's the better PG? Here are some stats... 2011-2012 Season: Rose: 21.8 Ppg, 7.9 Ast, 3.4 Reb Westbrook: 23.6 Ppg, 5.5 Ast, 4.6 Reb Statistically, the two are evenly matched. However, considering Rose missed 27 games due to injuries and Westbrook started for the entire season, I'd say Westbrook is more durable, and thus more reliable. However, I do believe Rose makes his teammates much better, and therefore elevates the level of the team's performance. Rose does not have superstars on his team, except for Boozer (washed up) and budding stars (Noah, Deng), who have hit their potential ceilings. On the other hand, Westbrook has Durant, who can single-handedly take over games, and take the pressure off Westbrook. Overall, I give my vote to Westbrook, just because he seems more durable in the long run. Love it, hate it, regardless of your opinion, share your thoughts!

Grew up in Seoul and New York, but a die hard Celtics fan. Allegiances aside, I'm a huge fan of basketball in general.
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