1992 Dream Team VS. 2012 Dream Team

So since the Olympics ended, the debate between the two Dream Teams have gone back and forth. It seems that the majority of the people believe that the 1992 Team, led by Jordan, is the superior team, and Kobe's 2012 Team would lose due to match up problems. But I'm not wholly convinced. For one, the 2012 Team featured LEBRON JAMES, who could match up with anybody on the floor. The 2012 team also had defensive guards like Chris Paul and Iguodala to apply pressure on Stockton or Drexler. The PF and C positions may be the hardest to match up against the 1992 team, but I think Chandler and Davis (although a rookie) could've done a decent job in protecting the rim. Oh, and did I mention LEBRON JAMES?! Share your thoughts please! I would love to hear what you have to say.

Grew up in Seoul and New York, but a die hard Celtics fan. Allegiances aside, I'm a huge fan of basketball in general.
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