Anti-Hangover Mocktail

We all go out or host a party every once in a while, where we have a bit (or a lot) too much to drink. Waking up after such a night (or day) can be really horrible. But you know, every mixologist, who know his cocktails, should also know some after cocktail hour, or anti hangover drink, or mocktail. So, this is a recipe I usually use. Take your biggest glass you own, fill it with ice (lots of ice, like making mojito). Make one cup of green tea, leave your teabag in the water just a little (1 minute at most), than cool it down with lots of ice. Cut some lemon and lime wadges, squeeze some juice out of them and throw them into the glass. Grab some mint and throw that into glass as well. Then add your cold green tea and top it with soda water. For those who believe that only alcohol can help you cure your hangover, add 1 oz. of light rum or vodka, it will do the job even better. It's better tasting than bloody mery, believe me. And just for info... I am having my 6th today haha (with no vodka or rum added) :) ~ Mixologist ~ Traveler ~ Poetry/Essay Writter ~ Cooking Enthusiast ~ PR & Marketing Student ~ Psychology ~ Pianist ~ Indie/Alternative/Hard/Acoustic/Classic/Electric Rock ~
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