Mental imagery

A subjective conceptualization of deposited consciousness stands out in Choi’s work. He brings about the dimensionless world of the spirit, unfolding his own process of conscientizing the unconscious. His work’s artistry and completeness is enhanced by descriptive images deriving from the preoccupation of his self. His work is the result of communization of different things that makes them look to be linked to one context. His work dominated by a mood of bottomless thinking emits a fantastic atmosphere, making viewers feel curiosity about “what is in his painting”. However, what the artist painted is not landscape. There are trees, mountains, and the sky in the world he sees, but this is in no way special. The world he views is another scene of nature. He intends to showcase inner mystique. The attributes his images have are those of nature. He can see all in the world of mental landscape, the source of his creation. That is, his work is a portrayal of his mental imagery toward an infinite abyss.

Mental imageryBy Choi Geun-seok

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