10 Tricks to Better Vacation Photos

Most of us can relate to this:

1. Capture from behind

This looks 10x more interesting and more artistic than a selfie. Agreed?

2. Focus on small details.

Sometimes rather than capturing the whole architect, focusing on the small details leaves room for the audience's imagination.

3. Have fun with silhouette

Take advantage of sunsrise or sunset by the beach! You have all the space and light to make a stunning silhouette.

4. Ant's-eyes view.

Most of us take a lot of birds-eye view photos, especially on food. So, let's change the perspective and capture on what's above instead of below.

5. Frame things to the corner.

Subjects don't have to be in the center at all times. It's much more dynamic to have it peeking in from outside.

6. Take it to the floor.

Chances are you'll be walking to a lot of interesting an cool places. Document the ground you visited!

7. Avoid Eye Contact

Leave the people thinking about your mood. Are you enjoying the sun, trying to cover the sun or sleeping?

8. Look for interesting doors.

Intriguing architect and rusty doors make a pretty scene.

9. Play with color.

A pop of color can instantly brighten up your photos. Try to find a background or background that compliment and draw contrast to what you're wearing.

10. Capture your mood board.

Summer is all about be exploring, inspiring and sharing. Show the world what's inspiring you at the moment!

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