Did Marvel Set the Bar Too High for Ant-Man?

It's official, Ant-Man's opening box office did not compete with Marvel's other releases.

viapredicted $60 millionCaptain America: The First Avenge($65 million), Thor ($65 million), and Iron Man ($98 million

it seems like Marvel's reputation is enough to get audiences in theaters

Is that really a sustainable model though?

The movie itself wasn't that great.

The plot was predictable, with tired trope after tired trope


And if Marvel can't continue to deliver on the promise of their brand (entertaining, innovative action films), it won't continue to be such a draw.

Ant-Man could have risen to the challenge.

Marvel could have released a film about a different, more popular characterOr, they could have brought Ant-Man to television insteadBut they didn't.

Marvel HAS options.

it doesn't seem like they're willing to reconsider their choices- some of which were made YEARS ago- to adapt to the current market and audience

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