North West's Personal Trainer vs. Sweets

Would you get a personal trainer for your two year old?

“She has one of her guys work out with North at the end of her session, once or twice a week. They teach her fun stuff like stretches and other basic aerobics, nothing strenuous," Kim Kardashian, 34, told

The news just broke that North West has a personal trainer and everyone is just as confused as you are. Can you imagine what it would be like to be North West's personal trainer? Imagine all of that training and possible schooling to have you end up as a trainer for a two year old who can touch her toes. LOL. (I bet North loves gym selfies too, just like her mom.)

What ever happened to kids just playing outside and running around?


Look at those eyelashes! Kim Kardashian posted this yesterday causing an adorable media storm raving over how cute North West is. She's indulging in a chocolate chip treat which I'm sure she's loving. Many people did take notice of North's eyelashes claiming that they looked so perfect because she's wearing mascara. However some just say that she got good genes and there is no makeup on her face. I guess it wouldn't surprise me on either side of the argument.

I bet her personal trainer isn't too happy with her eating this kind of treat...


So cute! North completely missed her mouth but look at that happy smile! Every kid seems to love eating chocolate and who can blame them? Kim Kardashian over shares everything so it's no wonder that she shared this very intimate moment. I feel as though Kim's Instagram and Twitter are simply her own digital scrap book that we all get to look at. All in all, North is absolutely gorgeous and it looks like she loves chocolate and being a child and all is good in the world.

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