5 Things Fic Writers Wish You Would Stop Asking

3 Things Writers Are Tired of Hearing

If you or someone you know writes fanfiction, and doesn't keep it a secret, they probably get a lot of questions.

What is slashBut sometimes we get those rude, condescending questions that make us squirm

1. "Why are you wasting your time like that?"

Hobbies make us happy

People love what they love. Why should fanfiction be held to a different standard than any other hobby?

2. "Why don't you write a REAL book instead?"

Does the reason actually matter?


The stories posted on Ao3 and FF.net are plenty real. People read them and love them and can't get enough of them. So what if they're free?

3. "Isn't it a little creepy?"

But why does it face a double standard?


We're not the ones making celebrities look at explicit fanart or read it out loud

4. "What do you even write about?"

Dude, we write about lots of things


Just because a tv show is on hiatus or a book has ended doesn't mean the story is over. We find stuff to write about. Honestly, our problem is usually that we have too many ideas and limited time to write them all.

5. "Can I have your username?"



Okay *maybe*. If it seems like you're genuinely curious about fic and you're not just looking for something to be overly critical about, then I might send you some of my fic.

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