Sharpie Tie-Dye Your Shoes

To get this cute look for your summer lake and beach outings, you only need a few basic materials.

Canvas shoes

Rubbing alcohol

Spray bottle

Sharpie markers

Painter's tape

First things first, you gotta tape off your rubber shoe band that wraps around the base of your shoes. The markers can permanently mark them, turning your CUTE SHOES into a HOT MESS!

Next, using your markers, draw your design on the shoes.

Spray the alcohol onto the shoes and watch the colors blend and merge like magic! So cute!

Let the shoes completely DRY BEFORE adding marking with more colors as this will ruin the markers.

Finally, keep your laces white so they don't distract from the cool look of the shoes. This will make the paint colors pop even more.

Oh, and make sure your shoes are clean and white before starting this.

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