Breaking News: There's A Tinder For Your Dog Now.

You've been using Tinder to find your match, but what about your dog? While you're out on dates, connecting with your 'soulmate du jour', poor Fido's been feeling the pangs of loneliness. Don't you think he needs somebody too?

Fortunately, he's got Tindog, a new app you can download that will help you set your furry friend up with other 'single and looking' dogs in your area.

To use the app, all you have to do is upload a profile for both you and your dog, and you'll be matched up with other dogowners (and dogs) in your area.

Some Tindog users use it as an opportunity to date another dog lovers, whereas others are simply looking to make friends in the neighborhood.


What I want to know is how many dogs have been able to 'find love' on Tindog so far. And further, why not OKKitten? PlentyOfForRealFish? eHamsterHarmony?

(Okay, that last one was a stretch, but you know what I mean.)

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