Sun & Sohee Leaving Wonder Girls


Wonder Girls is one of my all time favorite girl groups. I listened to them everyday in elementary school and living in Asia that time, their song "Nobody" was super popular (and it was my alarm clock). According to Koreaboo, Sun and Sohee is leaving WG. Although I don't know how I feel about this, Idols come and go. Many Idols left their group this year and I support their decision even though it was heart breaking. They get so many hates for leaving the group and it saddens me because if you're a true fan, you would want what they want and be happy for them (lol sorry for ranting). Anyways, I am sad that they are leaving but let's support them and their decision. Fighting! Questions/Answers Where can I see this article? Sun & Sohee's letter is also in the website above. If however you cannot click the url, you can just type "Wonder Girls Koreaboo". ⊂((・▽・))⊃ thanks for reading! Ps. What are your thought on this matter or just idols leaving in general? Ps Ps. This is a sensitive topic so if I somehow hurt your feelings, I'm sorry. Have a great day!

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