Peachy Bouquet

I love this peachy bridal bouquet because it takes the warmth of the orange and coral roses and juxtaposes that with the silvery cool of the greens and the white ranunulus and anemones. Oddly, though this is for a summer wedding, the use and inclusion of gilt and gold elevates this from the summertime to the wintertime, which is a bit unusual for this season.

I bring that up because not every bride concerns herself with what is more in line with the season. It would be like using boxwood and holly with juniper, which are for the lat Fall and using them in Springtime. It can be done, but it probably wouldn't make the list for epic style or fashion.

What you see in the bouquet here is obviously beautiful. But it's not something that I would recommend for the summertime. Spring, yes. But not summer.

What are your thoughts? Are you feeling this for summer? Please leave your comments below.

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