K-Drama Spotlight: Trot Lovers


What's the drama?

Why is it great?


1. The Humor

Two polar opposite musicians trying to work together, both with strong personalities...you already know where this is headed. Honestly, one of the cutest and funniest dramas you'll see, at least the first half of it, I promise!


2. The Chemistry

When polar opposites do come together through mutual understanding and music, it's kind of amazing. They have great chemistry and it feels very natural. And the main lead is quite charming in his own ways and Eunji is fabulous as usual.


3. Second Lead Syndrome

But you can't forget the second lead. This one was harder than most. But it's not AS bad as Heirs, for example. But look! They make such a cute couple! (This wasn't a spoiler by the way, it's pretty obvious right from the start).


4. Trot music!

If you're like me and have no idea what Trot music is, you'll learn a lot about it here. It's actually quite interesting and catchy. And Eunji sounds amazing singing it as well!

K-drama Spotlight!

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