I WISH IT WAS SUMMER PLAYLIST!!!!!! (jiggzy19 <3) ^_^

(Overhead view of the area me and@MattK95 live in, in summer ^^)

Okay let me be honest and say that I DO NOT wish it was summer, summer in Australia... well lets just say its more deadly than fun... of course there are some nice times... but overall it's pretty rough...

Anyways... moving on!!!

Thank you@PassTheSuga and@aabxo for this challenge! LOVE YOU GUYS <3

In no particular order~

1. San E feat. Yerin of 15& - Me You!

I am completely in LOVE with this awesomeness! Totally sweetie and cutie!

2. Kang Seung Yoon - Wild & Young!

It's not summer for me without this song! I have used this song on previous playlists but its so darn awesome and i just cant get enough of it...plus nobody seems to be complaining ^^

3. Royal Pirates - Fly To You!!!

I don't even know how I became such a big fan of Royal Pirates....they kinda snuck up on me and BOOM...now i'm a major fangirl of these guys XD

This just seems like one of those really sweet summer songs that puts a smile on your face!! I LOVE IT!

Any other Royal Pirates fans here??

4. Soyou & Kwon Soonil & Park Yongin - The Space Between!!

This MV is so funny but extremely adorable at the same time!

5. ISAAC feat. OnlyC - Yêu Không Nghỉ Phép!!

I tried to not put this song on this list cuz I've used it before but i still am so not over how much I love it :3

@xoxoaudra98 IT'S ISAAC !!<3 <3 <3

lol Why do I love V-Pop so much?

If you haven't watched this before watch it now and if you have watched it watch it again, and again, and again... ...and again XD


So catchy! Seriously need this in your ears, and I'm not asking here...I'm telling :3

7. B1A4 - O.K!!

What's not to love? ...Nothing, thats what!

8. MC Mong - Love Mash!!!

MC Mong is seriously DAE to the BAK, I mean seriously, this guy is AWESOME \(^_^)/

Anyone else having a little trouble with the hip floor dance... It is NOT easy!!! Am I right@MattK95? XD

9. MYNAME - Too Very So Much!

I don't understand what the song title means lol still I adore this entire thing into teeny little bits ^^ They need more fans, MYNAME FIGHTING!!!!

10. NS Yoon-G - Wifey!!

She is just totally awesome. I really love the MV and the song of course!

@MattK95 accepts your proposal Yoon-G lol :)

11. Boys Republic - Video Game!!

Ok so I love gaming but I usually do most of my gaming in the summer holidays (Which for us is around Christmas time) so this song just reminds me of summer! <3 <3 <3

12. B.I.G - Are You Ready?

Why can't this group get more love... I think they are sooooo underrated for how talented they are!!! Please support them so they don't disband ^^

13. BESTie - Excuse Me!!

This has to be one of my favourite songs by BESTie :) I am such a big fangirl over this group, please love them too!!! :3

I recently bought their mini album, and all the songs are awesome, like totally DAEBAK!!!!!

...please excuse my overuse of the word Daebak...I love it to bits :)

14. Junggigo feat. Minwoo - Too Good


Such a cute song :)

15. Kim Jin Ho - People!!

Don't ask me why cuz I won't be able to tell you but this song reminds me of summer for some reason~ I love his voice! IT IS SERIOUSLY a DAEBAK song and I highly suggest you listen to it K!?

16. Park Hyo Shin - Happy Together!!

I understand the MV is a little wintery...but the song itself is so happy and summery!!!! I love it sooooo much <3 <3 <3

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks the little kid in this is sooooooooooooo freeeeeeaaaaaakin CUTE!!!! ^-^

17.Epik High X Park Bom - Up!

This song is like a classic to me, like it was the first Epik High song I ever heard, so naturally I love it, and so should you!!!

G,G,G :)


Well I'm going to go put a coat on because it is so cold here right now...well at least it's cold in Australian standards...probably like a cool spring afternoon for some people XD

Thanks for reading and listening, I hope you enjoyed my playlist ^^


bye bye



Credit to the owners of these music videos, photos, and gifs, (I DO NOT own any of the above photos, music videos, or the gif) :D

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