Flashback fashion: chokers

If you were a 90s kid, then you remember these chokers. You probably had tons of them and you wore them everywhere. Well, guess what? Just like almost every other piece of fashion from the 90s, these are coming back!

The key to making chokers look fashionable and not too overbearing is to pair them with a neckline that isn't plunging (anything above that can work with a choker).

You can rock the classic 90s plastic choker if you are really feeling like throwing it back to the 90s. If you go with the plastic choker, make sure the rest of your outfit is very modern. You don't want to look like you time-traveled — you want to give a modern twist on the 90s trend.

If you want to give off a more modern vibe, go for the silhouette of the choker in a modern design, like bulky chains or a thick metal band. This will give your outfit a high-fashion and edgy vibe.

Choker fashion inspiration

Here is some more fashion inspiration for how you can wear chokers and how to style them to rock an awesome look.

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