You Need To Love Yourself Like Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has skyrocketed straight into the spot light recently with her amazing show "Inside Amy Schumer", her hysterical (and dirty) standup, and now her new movie "Train Wreck" is killing it.

perfectly imperfect

enjoying your imperfections is the only way to live.

While Amy has tons of fans, she also has a ton of haters who think she's too fat, too vulgar, to slutty, to... pretty much everything since women are constantly ripped apart by the media. Good thing she doesn't give a fuck! She is living her life how she wants and knows that all the hate she gets are just people who are jealous they were never brave enough to go against societies norms.

Her response when someone on the red carpet asked if she felt out of place because of her weight. Amy has become wildly successful and thankfully has realize that not being a stick has nothing to do with her ability to succeed, or get that booty.

Love yourself, and become unfazed by peoples idiotic thoughts.

She is completely over the idea that women need to act virginal for the sake of mens egos everywhere (aren't we all?). You like what you like, if its a kink or a fetish, find someone who will satisfy it, no need to shack up with someone boring just because you are afraid someones gonna think youre slutty.

People tell you a lot of shit. Some good, some bad (its usually the bad that sticks). Think like Amy, because ultimately you are the one that decides who you are.

She isn't one to deny herself to try and fit into a certain body type. Go on, eat some carbs every once in a while, you'll be so much happier. I would personally go for pizza Yum.

So you like to dress down rather then dress up. Awesome! Trying to be someone your not just lands you in a tight skirt trying to watch Netflix with a guy you've been "hanging out with".


Because trust me life is so much better when you live it on your terms, not struggling to be perfect.

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