I have been slightly incognito since my internet connection was messed up and I was super busy with school work (still am by the way).

I apologize for my incognito-ness.

But I had to post this since I realized that I was (still am) listening to a particular song on repeat for quite some time. And even when it's not on repeat I go right back to it. This particular song has helped me memorize some info while I was feeling deeply into the groove of the song.

So this is my impromptu Artist of the Month. (It's basically the end of the month.) I will introduce them through my own eyes and entirely my own opinion.


Zhou Yi Xuan

Chinese Leader

Position: Rapper

BD: December 11, 1990

Height: 183cm

He is the oldest member. He is taller than TOP oppa (lol) by 2cm.


Kim Sung Joo

Korean Leader

Position: Vocalist

BD: February 16, 1994

Height: 180cm

He is the oldest Korean member of this group. He is shorter than TOP oppa.


Li Wen Han

Chinese member

Position: Vocalist

BD: July 22, 1994

Height: 180cm

He is also shorter than TOP oppa.


Cho Seung Youn

Korean member

Position: Rapper and Vocalist

BD: August 5, 1996

Height: 180cm

He is also shorter than TOP oppa. We share the same blood type as far as I know. We are type O. Shares his birthdate with Yibo.


Wong Yi Bo

Chinese Member

Position: Maknae, Rapper, Dancer

BD: August 5, 1997

Height: 179cm

Shortest member. Shares his birthdate with Seungyoun.

Here is the song that I got on repeat for my summer classes/ my summer learning.

And this is my Uniq. Basically.

I'm addicted to TOP 오빠 and everything k팝
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