Facekini, A New Different Type of Swimwear

Bikini for face is a thing.


"A Chinese swimwear shop owner created the functional and colourful design of the first facekini in 2004, prompted by requests from women for a garment that would protect pale, fair skin. The appearance of porcelain skin is revered in Chinese culture, whereas dark, tanned skin is associated with farm and outdoor labourers."

The product has been around for a decade but never actually gain much attention until recently. The trend became popular among middle-aged woman in Qingdao (northeastern part of China), and this is why:

1. As people age the skin becomes more prone to sun damage and wrinkles so ladies are doing what they can to protect the skin from sagging and tanning.

2. Middle-aged women are afraid of donning bathing suit in public, so they prefer long cover ups. Plus, wearing a full-face mask can help them remain anonymous.

Since the popularity grew, more prints and colors are made available.

Even youngsters and tourists are digging the trend.

What do you think? Would you ever wear a facekini?

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