Mr. Chivalrous: Five Simple Gestures We Wish Men Did More

Women don't want for much -- just love, affection and sometimes an amazing lipstick to wear every now and then.

We live in a society where many believe chivalry is dead. Let me start off by saying that's very debatable and although chivalry may not be as easy to come across as it once was, there are still some men who dibble and dabble in their chivalrous ways. Whether your man happens to be the chivalrous type or not, there are certain things as women we would love for men to do more when it comes to simple and sweet gestures.

Some may say that we ask for too much, but do we really ask for too much or do we just ask for what is expected? That's also debatable (stay tune for future card). If your man is the modern day Daddy Warbucks than let's just say you're extremely fortunate -- if not, let's touch on five simple gestures we all wish men did a little more than usual.

Pulling Out Your Seat Before Sitting

Okay, so although this may seem a bit far fetch -- it's not uncommon. It takes little to know time and it shows that your man not only wants to be a gentleman, but that he wants to serve you while doing so. Ladies, it doesn't just happen in the movies.

Wrapping His Coat Around Your Arms When It Gets Chilly

If your man does this he deserves major cool points and a kiss because this gesture is super foreign. Whether he's wearing a coat or not, just the fact that he's worried if you're cold or not is romantic enough. Wrapping his arms around you counts just as much.

Holding Your Hand To Cross The Street

Whether there are cars passing or not, the fact that he puts your safety into consideration means a lot. Plus who doesn't feel safe in the comfort of a handsome man holding your hand for dear life?

Holding The Door

Running ahead of you to the hold the door is one of the oldest chivalrous acts, but it's still the best one in the book. If your man doesn't do anything else, he should at least be gentleman to hold the door for his lady.

Calling Just To Check On You

Random phone calls during the day just to see how your day is going is both romantic and chivalrous. You don't expect him to do it, but he does it anyway. He knows exactly what to do to put a permanent smile on your face.

Ladies, how does your man show you that he's chivalrous?

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