A Job for a Week

I am staying at this farm house with a group of kindergatder kids, where they are about to learn some basics of farm life. I really like the location of this place, because it is literally in the middle of nowhere. The air is so fresh, the smell is pretty strong and the whole place is just heaven to walk around, sit around with a book and amazing place for taking photos.

I am staying in the nicest room o the big house. It is decorated with these old, vintage style furniture, I have a king size bed, my own bathroom and a balcony. It's hard to imagine that I'm on a farm. The kid's rooms are way less "fancy".

We have a lot of activities planned, and the first one was meeting the animal of the farm. Some kids actuall saw a goat for the first time, now imagine how happy they were, when they grass-fed them. There were even more animals, but I only got to take a picture of goats, horse and a pig.

Going for a short walk nearby the house is an adventure as well. The views themselves are rewarding enough. Taking pictures and enjoying the fresh air only make it better.

This is the thing the kids love the most. To be honest, me as well. Just the feeling of letting yourself go down the rope is amazing itself. It is fun and it makes you feel like a kid, which is not so often, nowadays.

But of course, this is still kind of a job and a little work has to be done as well. But its share is really small, and even working in aternoon on my amazing balcony is a vacation.

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