ATTENTION: You Can Become A Mermaid, Really!

I need

Just think about it for a second, swimming super fast, always being in the ocean, helping your sea creature friends...its practically the American Dream, except better.

Eric of the Mertailor

I need to be apart of this and you will too after you see the mind boggling pictures.

Its kind of amazing to see a mermaid out in the open, right by houses! I think thats what I love about this picture. It makes this dream seem a bit more attainable.

Just look at the details on her tail! And the top piece its own work of art! Being able to go to work and be made up to look that outta this world....#goals.

There is something so mystical about his picture. Mermaids have been in folklore for forever, and this picture certainly makes it even more romantic.

Again just look at the TAIL! The Mertailor has found his talent and it is jaw dropping.

I love that project mermaid doesn't just stick with typical mermaid colors. This dark and mysterious mertail is beautiful and completely enchanting.

If you want to see more (which I know you do) check them out!

Instagram: Projectmermaids


Need a Tail:

And heres a super amazing video of the first training session with a mertailor original.

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