Khaleesi's Dragon Eggs - DIY

When I first started watching GOT I sorta wasn't into Khaleesi. But, THIS GIRL is one of my favs as she teaches everybody all kinds of lessons with her dragons! Love this tutorial on how to make Khaleesi's dragon eggs with just a few simple materials:

Foam Egg

350 Silver (or gold) flat metal push pins

Black Duct tape

Styrofoam block

Nail polish: burgandy, black glitter, clear iridescence, clear top coat

Permanent craft glue

You can watch this mesmerizing tutorial from YouTube or follow along here:

1. Without pushing ALL THE WAY IN, set up the push pins in a block of styrofoam with room between them to paint.

2. Paint your pins in this order, leaving plenty of dry time in between: burgandy, black, iridescence, top coat.

3. Some overlapping will occur, but try to limit it when covering the egg with 1 layer of black duct tape.

4. After pins are completely dried, start at the bottom and push pins all the way in, using a spiral design. Make sure the pins overlap each other to keep them in place.

5. The final pin should be secured with permanent glue.

Now, I'm not finished with Season 3 yet (I know! I'm way behind!), so NO SPOILERS PLEASE!! Thank you!click here

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