Make A Galaxy Twisted Tee

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black t-shirtsewing machine

You will need:

Tulip Soft Matte Fabric Paint

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Black T-Shirt


Paint brushes

Spray bottle




Get started by:

1. Lay shirt out flat and tape down.

2. Mix water and bleach ratio as 3 parts water to 1 part bleach. Pour into spray bottle.

3. Begin spraying the shirt with mix, focusing on just a couple spots.

Once the bleach sets, the shirt will turn red and continue to turn unless you rinse it. If you want more bleaching to occur, spray more as needed. Rinse the shirt as soon as you get the right base color.

3. Begin using your Tulip paint to paint on blotches, swirls and any design that looks like a galaxy.

4. Continue doing this with different paint colors--as many or as few as you like.

5. Mix paint with water as you go along to create different effects.

6. Using a stiff paint brush, flick white paint to get dramatic stars.

7. Let your shirt completely dry and follow this with regular wash and dry cycle.

8. Lay your shirt flat and cut off the sleeves.

9. Flip over, with the back side up and mark the center of the back with a piece of soap or fabric chalk. This line should line up to the bottom of the arm hole.

10. Cut along both shoulder seams. This will separate the front and back.

11. Twist the two back pieces.

12. Pin in place and stitch by hand (or use your sewing machine).

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