Summer's Over 😭

Is summer over for anyone else? Has anybody else started school? My time to fangirl is cut in half (Picture from Black by GD, not mine.)

Honestly, I'm only in middle school. Just started, 6th grade. Yes, I'm young, but I ha e three excuses. 1. I'm Korean (1/4 but idk how this is an excuse... lol) 2. Jungkook is only 6 years older than me?? 3. Idek why I have to explain myself.

Anyways, I found all of these for fun to post There are so many! And probably even more......

Now, to finish the handwriting challenge I aas tagged in! If anyone sants to be tagged, let me know, I don't know many people! Lol

Kpop and kdrama fangirl <3
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