5 Don'ts for Air Drying Hair

Air drying your hair may seem like an easy and effortless task but doing it wrong can lead to hair breakage.

1. Don't sleep with wet hair.

This seems like a good idea to wake up with a sexy bedhead in the morning but in reality it can cause more damage to your hair. Wet hair rubbing against cotton pillowcase is a big NO, especially if you move a lot during your sleep. All those turnings can bring tons of frizz and tangles to your hair.

2. Don't rub hair with a towel.

Drying the hair with a bath towel is a common practice but if you're not using it right it is the fastest route to damage your hair. Instead of twisting and rubbing your hair to release excess moisture. Gently squeeze out extra water in larger chunks. Then would suggest using a t-shirt to blot the hair. If not, you can use a towel with the same method.

3. Don't leave hair too wet.

Leaving your hair too wet will take forever to dry and it tends to result in frizz. The best way to air dry is to absorb as much water you can after shower. Then let it dry naturally.

4. Don't skip applying hair product.

If you want effortless or "I woke up like this" texture then you should use a detangling spray. Use a wide tooth comb to smooth out the hair and use any curl-enhancing cream or texturizing spray to get the result you want.

5. Don't use a hair tie.

I'm sure by now you all know hair is super fragile when it's wet. So, it's not a good idea to pull your hair back when it's the most vulnerable. If you want soft waves then use a balm or styling cream and twist hair in sections as it dries.

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