Lee Min Ho FACTS <Part 2>

But for his won fashion style, Lee Min Ho said that he don't want to stand out...he likes neutral colors such as Navy Blue, Black,White and Gray Lee Min Ho was once asked if he found his true love in one of his fans, would he chase her??? he said that he would, because he believe that we as humans won't know what fate (especially about love) would do to us If Lee Min Ho already find his true love and his parents, even all of people around him didn't allow him to be with his girlfriend, Lee Min Ho said that he would surely run away with his girlfriend because he know that he would love his girlfriend so much, so he have to run away When he got a girlfriend after this, without no doubt Lee Min Ho said that he'll call his girlfriend every 3 hours, because he'll miss her voice Lee Min Ho said that he need a neat girlfriend since he's not neat...his mother is the one who cleans his room and he need a neat girlfriend to clean up his room If Lee Min Ho walks in a beach with his girlfriend, he'll definitely hold her hands while walking, and ask her to roll her pants, if she wore pants Many of his friends said that Lee Min Ho is a very romantic man...and it's proofed at one of his fanmeet in Singapore (for promoting LG)...one of the fan ask him: " What kind of woman do you prefer?? " (Attention, the question is in English!! ^^) and he suddenly says "Uuhhmm...YOU ???" , then he laugh and smile happily, making his fans screams !! In a interview, Lee Min Ho was asked if he's a good kisser, but he said no...he said that there's no standard in good kissing, but he knew that every actress that work with him were satisfied with his kissing ability Once he was showed a big Minomi (his figurine character on Personal Taste) on his birthday party and he's a little bit shocked when he see that big Minomi. He admit that Minomi was his figurine character...and what's his comment when he saw that big Minomi?? " He has a long legs, just like me...but he's not wearing any pants??? " And when he was asked because of his comment to Minomi he admit that he's just like Minomi...Without hestitate, on his birthday party event, he said that he didn't wear any shirt when he's on home, and sometimes just wear an underwear Lee Min Ho said that he watch porn movies when he was on high school, more than once..defending himself by saying that every guy in Korea watch porn movies at that time...-.-" and he said that he didn't watch them lately...-.-" Lee Min Ho got a Mini Pinscher dog named "Choco" , and he called his dog "her", not "it" -> LOL When he was asked who's the person that is the closest with Choco, he or his mom, he'll answer "my older sister...", the truth is, Choco is the closest to her older sister Lee Min Ho said that Choco were very close to his sister because when he adopt Choco, Choco were still very small and she can't open her says...Choco sleep and eat on his older sister's room and she's being treated by her older sister, so Choco consider Jun Kyung as her mother. But Lee Min Ho said that Choco always consider his room as a restroom." He defend himself by saying that it's because of his mother who always said to Choco "if you want to go to the restroom, go to Min Ho's room so that he could make a lot of money..." Lee Min Ho seems to love Choco a lot...he post Choco's photos 2 times on his Twitter Account with a caption "What are you looking at?? " -> close up photo of Choco and he post his photos holding Choco in a bench on Saturday Evening, on his Twitter account Lee Min Ho was close to Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo...three of them always give surprise to each other when of them had a birthday party...Min Ho once give a surprise visit on Jung Il Woo's birthday party and Min Ho invite Jung Il Woo and Kim Bum on his birthday party But Min Ho is the closest to Kim Bum...he once ride a bike with Kim Bum at Han river (around midnight) and post that photos on his Twitter, almost at the same time when Kim Bum post his photos with him on his Twitter account too...it's funny when all of their fans see their photos, together, riding bike But before the riding event, Min Ho and Kim Bum once seen together eating lunch together too, and taking pictures together too...when Kim Bum visit Indonesia, he said that he often meet Min Ho..at least 3 times a week to had lunch When Kim Bum can't come to Min Ho's birthday party on 2009, he sends a video message to Min Ho, apologize because he couldn't come to his birthday party...Yoon Hyung Bin, Jung Il Woo and Kim Rae Woon sends him a video too...but Min Ho only reacts to Kim Bum's video...-.-" he said "괜찮아, 범 아..." (Gwaenchana, Beom-ah...- generally means " it's allright, Beom..." ) when Kim Bum apologize, but he didn't say anything when he saw other video Believe it or not, Lee Min Ho LOVES it when people praise him and call him "handsome" , but he always said that there's a lot of people that's a lot more handsome that him..^^ But he asked once during AERA Magazine photoshoot in Japan, he was asked : " Lee Min Ho ssi, you're so handsome and shining...don't you ever fall in love with yourself when you look at yourself at the mirror??? " That question makes Lee Min Ho speechless, but he laughed for a while (but he's still concentrate on the photo session) and he said "No, never..." quickly. One of Super Junior's member, Shin Dong test how much he look alike with Min Ho and he got 24% and he apologize because of it... Min Ho know this and he's laughing when he was interviewed, he said that Shin Dong shouldn't apologize because it's fun...but when the interviewer said Shin Dong's comments where Shin Dong said that he look 100% just like Min Ho, Min Ho looks so shocked and said " 100%?? Lee Min Ho would want his face back (his handsome face back), if he's rebirth again...and he want to be continually on his 20s forever. He was asked once on 2009 : " Please choose between those three, reasons why you were selected as Trugen's Model, 1. Because you're handsome...2, because you're tall...3. Because you're handsome, tall and fit their clothes perfectly...", and guess what?? he choose number 3 When he was asked to spell his name, Lee Min Ho would answer like this : " 이, 이민호 는....민, 민접 하다...호, 호호호호호..." -> generally means " Lee...Lee Min Ho is...Min, mincheob hada...(an agile man...) Ho, hohohohoho. cr;mysecretent

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