Jeremy Scott: Better on SNSD's Sunny or 2NE1's CL?

Dua-duanya cantik, dua-duanya dari girl group papan atas di dunia K-Pop, dua-duanya pakai rancangan Jeremy Scott. Who's wear it better? You decide! Picture 1: SNSD's Sunny with Adidas x Jeremy Scott's Bear Hoodie untuk teaser photo "I Got A Boy" Picture 2: 2NE1's CL with Jeremy Scott's Golden Flourish $ilk Bomber, Scarf Print Dress, dan Flourish Shades with Dangling Pearl Tear Drops untuk Ketchup Magazine. Photo Credit: dan SMTown Facebook Page

The newest addition to the hectic life of Seoul. Interest in fashion, music, movie, and pop culture in general. Awesomeness in a package!
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