I still see white [LotD #38]

Lyric of the DayThe Morning BendersPOP ETC.

Allow me to explain.

The Morning Benders made two really successful albums in the late 2000s, and came pretty much out of nowhere to be a really well respected group. They had a large enough following to organize a world tour, and they did. When they arrived in London, touring their awesome 2010 record Big Echo, they discovered that "Bender" is a slang, often not-so-nice term for a homosexual; The Morning Benders sounds to Brits like The Morning Fags might to Americans. Not good.

So they had to make a change. The Morning Benders is an awesome name, if you don't know its negative connotation - so it was a shame. They settled on POP ETC and the truth is, that name kind of sucks. It was a brutal thing to happen to a group that was just becoming pretty huge.

But, anyway, their 2010 Big Echo is really good. So here's a lyric from "Wet Cement," which comes from that record.

"And with my pale, broken, black eyes

I still see white when the snow falls lightly"

Name drama aside, this band, and especially this song, is my mood for the morning.

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