5 Things You'll Miss About Your College Buddies

Booze, buddies, classes and chaos, college is the perfect place to develop life-long friendships. It's a time that throws people together in a way that can't be found afterword. College will test everything, and in the times where you have nowhere to turn, your friends are there.

Here are 5 things you'll miss about your college buddies.


1. How close they are to you

On a traditional college campus your friends are all within walking distance. If you bomb an exam, feel shitty about your day or break up with someone, they're only a few steps or blocks away. After school, you'll all separate and this can be hard.

That kind of convenience doesn't happen anywhere else, unless you're living in a hippie commune or something...


2. How accepting they are

Your college friends see everything, even the most unpleasant and embarrassing moments can be rewarding to them. If you live with your college friends, all bets are off. They'll be there when you're at your Kate Moss worst, and your Beyonce best.


3. How they always cheer you up

When you're out on your own, you have to make yourself happy, but in college your friends can do that for you. Late night rounds of Mario Kart and heart to heart talks on porches will define your best moments with them. Nowhere on earth will it ever be better to get out your drunken feelings, than it is with your college friends.


4. Your "morning after" conversations

My favorite part about living with my best friends in college was collecting in the living room and discussing the previous night's events. Who talked to who? Who was an asshole? Shit I did that?

You'll laugh really hard at yourself, and no matter what happened, they'll always be there to help you put the pieces back together.


5. How they understand you more than anyone else

Since you're all growing together, fucking up together and figuring things out, you'll connect with them on a deeper level than others. They are the ones who wait for you outside of bars, and walk you home late at night. Your college friends are hungover in class with you, they know your darkest secrets.

In some cases they save your life.

So if you're still in school, cherish these moments, because even in the midst of the wild and wacky college world, they'll always keep you steady, and that's what I miss the most.

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