Why My Hometown Is Weird: Carlsbad, California!

This is an extremely touristy shot of my hometown: Carlsbad! It's a suburb of San Diego, California, and is a popular destination for people who like to outdoor activities like surfing, skateboarding, kayaking, and wakeboarding.

It's also famous for some other things - some of which are really, really random. So I've decided it might be fun to make a 'My Hometown is Weird!' card challenge. Basically, pick about 5 - 10 different 'strange' or 'random' facts about your hometown and make a card titled "Why My Hometown Is Weird: _________" with the name of your hometown in it.

I'll make sure to organize them into a collection, so if you're feeling a traveling bug, you know some random insider information about different areas of the world!

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One of the local parks is full of wild peacocks.

Once upon a time, there was an actor named Leo Carrillo that starred in a popular 1950s western TV show called 'The Cisco Kid'. He was very, very famous and made lots and lots of money, and one day, he decided "Hey, I'm going to move to Carlsbad, California, live on a ranch, and fill it up with a whole bunch of peacocks." And so he did.

Decades later, it's changed into a historic park owned by the city, and you can visit it every day (except Mondays!) to take a stroll and some neat peacock selfies.

My town is famous for... good drinking water?

That's right. Apparently, our water is what put Carlsbad on the map. If you visit the downtown section of Carlsbad, you can even visit the water museum and take a picture with a statue of the city's founder, John Frazier, aka the guy who discovered our water is awesome first. In fact, he named our city Carlsbad after another city in the Czech Republic called Karlsbad that had similarly magical, mineral-heavy water too.

My school is skateboarder famous.

When I was in high school, there was a staircase that took you from the building with the History classes to the building where some of the upper level English classes were. On the weekends, skateboarders used to sneak onto campus just to skate that staircase, and after a few decades of such a habit, it began to be referred to as 'The Carlsbad Gap'.

'The Carlsbad Gap' has been used a lot in random popular culture, like this 'Simpsons' pictorial for Transworld Skateboarding Magazine (see above). My high school is also a secret bonus round on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. (I know. WTF?!)

A local opera singer lives in this 'Purple Castle'.

A couple blocks away from where I live, there is a retired opera singer who moved to my town and built a particularly strange house that is referred to as the 'Purple Castle'. One time, for charity, he opened his doors to the public, and I was a tour guide as a part of a community service project for school.

Aside from the castiron wizards and storybook style trees, the front lawn also has a small 'moat' and a dragon that blows steam out of its nose. Each room in the house is made with different items from the different operas he starred in, and his dining room was custom designed to look exactly like the restaurant in Munich where he took his wife on their first date.

Dude, you guys, this house is CRAZY!

Legos are serious business here.

Carlsbad is home of Legoland, a Lego theme park, as well as the Legoland Hotel. You can go on Lego rides, buy Lego brick chocolates, and visit miniature versions of the world's major cities - all built out of Legos! Tons of local high school and college students work at Legoland as a first job, and it's the third largest employer in town, so needless to say, we take our Legos very seriously in Carlsbad!


I hope you enjoyed learning weird facts about my hometown! If you ever visit the San Diego area, I highly recommend making the drive up here and checking it out for yourself!

If you do the challenge, make sure to tag me, so I can see!

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