Japan’s “Strange Hotel” Is Run by Robots

Welcome to Henn-na Hotel in Sasebo, Japan where the beds are comfy, the Wifi is free, and the staff is...well, sorta robotic.

Henn-na Hotel which roughly translates to “strange hotel” and is full of robots that do all sorts of duties. A multilingual dinosaur robot checks you it, a cute robot wakes you up in the morning, and a robot handles in your baggage.

Other weird features? A robot that takes your picture like a photo booth, and face-recognition technology that opens the door to your room.

The price for a night in the hotel? 9,000 yen to 26,000 yen

Which roughly amount to: $75 to $210 USD. That sounds pretty dang affordable to me. Anyone want to explore a bionic hotel with me?

Watch all the cool robotness unfold in this video:

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