My Hometown Is Weird: Little Havana, Miami, FL

@danidee wrote a card about why her hometown, Carlsbad is weird.

So, we'll talk about Little Havana, Miami. Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Its population is mostly made up of Latin Americans, but mostly from a Cuban descent. There is a large Cuban influence, which you can find though the plethora of Cuban restaurants, art, music, shops, and people.

¿Ayyeeee...que bola, asere?!

Chickens Chillin' On The Streets

There ain't no farms in Little Havana, but we sure do have free-range chickens. You can spot them in the residential areas. Pretty normal sighting.

Winter Is Like 60 Degrees Fahrenheit

And you'll see your Miamians dressed in uggs, coats, and scarves. Yes, this is cold for us.

Cheap Breakfast

You can get the works -- fried eggs, bacon, bread, beans, coffee -- for about 2 bucks. This is actually more awesome than weird.


Yeah, not here. Everything's in Spanish -- even the signs. Trying to find toilet paper at Walgreens? You've got to figure out what that translates to Spanish, first.

"Umm...papel de toilet?"

Roaches The Size of Rats

Yes, we got 'em. And they sometimes have wings. You'll can find these nasty creatures in most of Miami. They love hot climates. They are actually called "waterbugs" and they are far more disgusting than their given names.

You can Google image search them if you're curious. *gag*

As weird as Little Havana can be, I love my hometown. :)

I like cheeseburgers and cheap wine.
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