Style Star Spotlight: Olivia Palermo

You may have seen her on the short lived reality show, The City, or you may just know her as the stylish socialite she is, but Olivia Palermo is a girl who knows how to dress. Not only does she always look elegant at events, but every time she walks down the streets, she looks beyond camera-ready and fashion-forward. She must have a neverending wardrobe, because Olivia's clothes are always exactly on-trend and spotlessly put together.

Denim and Leather.

Denim shirt, leather pants, blue suede shoes. It's the Olivia Palermo uniform, and she looks flawless in it every time. She uses classic pieces that never go out of style like denim, chambray, and the white button-down (see next block) to ground trendier items and keep everything looking polished and luxe.

The power of a crisp white button-down.

Palermo knows the power of a classic staple, and how to make it special in layering, accessorizing, and pairing it with statement pieces. The white button-down is no exception, and she does everything from wearing it with denim and heels for a classic look to layering it under a cocktail dress.

Black and white prints.

Palermo often wears clothing in graphic prints, but sticks to a black and white palette to keep it from going over-the-top. Like trendier pieces, she balances print out with staples of denim, leather, and classic silhouettes.

Feminine white skirts.

Though she isn't afraid of a good blazer, Palermo's overall look is pretty girly, and a white skirt that flares a bit is a great mix of sweet and strong, adding femininity without looking too precious. She usually tucks in a blouse or ties it at the top of the skirt to emphasize her own tiny waist.

She may not have the bubbliest personality, but she does have a fashion sense and full wardrobe I would kill for.

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