Anthro-Inspired Tassel Beach Tote

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Embroidery Floss

Woven Tote

Silver Thread

Gold Thread



Sewing Needle

Since the original Anthro tote has tons of colors of tassels, you will want to do the same thing. My mom loves to cross-stitch, so I already have TONS of colors to choose from for this project. You can find this at any craft store.

Basic instructions:

1. Cut colored floss into two 3-inch pieces. (Two pieces that are 3-inches long)

2. Then take the entire bunch of floss and cut it in half.

3. Tie one of your 3-inch strings around the center of one of the halves from the bunch you just cut. When it's folded in half, you can see the beginning of a tassel.

4. Cut about 10-12 inches of gold or silver string and thread it onto a needle. Then wrap it around the top part of the tassel (where the bunch is folded over).

5. After you’ve wrapped it, take the needle and sew it through the wrapped portion about three times, knot the end of the string and cut off the excess.

6. Trim the end of your tassel to your desired length.

7. Grab the string at the top of your tassel, loop it through the weaving of your purse, tie it a couple of times and cut the excess string.

8. Continue until you have all your tassels on your tote.

see this tutorial

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