How to be a Totoro!

Sometimes, I really miss Totoro and just have to write about it, you know?

So I decided to put together a guide on how you can be a Totoro. A lot of people think Totoro is the name of the character but it actually simply means "a spirit of the forest." That's why they come in all shapes and sizes. :)

Without further delay, here's how you too can be a Totoro!


1. Raise a bunch of mini Totoros.

They are basically minions, but more mischievous.


2. Befriend a catbus.

You should be able to find one at the nearest park.


3. Smile!

Always have a big smile on your face!


4. Nap often.

You are not a true Totoro until you get your daily dose of sleep!


5. Spend time with your buddies.

What better way to be a good spirit than to have fun with friends?


6. Buy a huge umbrella.

You never know when you might get caught in a rainstorm! Always carry it around with you.


7. Let your emotions out!

It's good to scream your heart out every once in a while. Just don't do it near others!


8. Be a night owl.

Preferably on or near a tree. You are trying to be a forest spirit after all. Plus, you'll look cool!


9. Eat your veggies!

You need all that strength to maintain the forest and help out friends!


10. Get a Totoro onesie.

By now, I hope you realized I was only half-serious about a few of the steps...(unless you do find a catbus and raise mini Totoros, then please tell me how it goes!). But if all else fails, you can always get a onesie like this little guy and be a Totoro whenever, wherever!

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