Pork Belly it is!

Vingle-ers! Meat-alert! This is one of my favorite dishes from all times--pork belly. It's called 불타는 돼지 (The Pig on Fire..) The restaurant is located in Gireum Station (Line # 4) exit 3. Famous for it's old school deco, hospitality and of course, meat perfection it's definitely a must-go spot if you want to try some old school cooked-meat. It's 9,000W per serving, and the amount per serving will definitely not disappoint you. I have been going to this restaurant for 4 years, now going 5 and you will so too! Shout out to people who like meat! Enjoy!

Raised in Peru, Vingle newbie, food-lover and lifestyle follower! Currenty @ Seoul, South Korea. [Instagram: miran_park]
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