Learn Korean with Electric Shock by f (x)

Here is a link to Talk To Me In Korean and their fantastic way of learning Korean through music, more importantly K-Pop! Yay for TTMIK! It is a great way to learn Korean and it is free. Below is an example of what they have in their site. I have also attached the MV for enjoyment. For example: 1) 당신은 나에게 너무 과분해요. [dang-si-neun na-e-ge neo-mu gwa-bu-nae-yo.] = You are too good for me. / I don’t deserve you. Or 2) 당신에게 과분한 사랑을 받았어요. [dang-si-ne-ge gwa-bu-nan sa-rang-eul ba-da-sseo-yo.] = I received undeserved love from you. / I don’t deserve your love.

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