Sexy Hipsters with Flower Beards – It's a Thing



Guys, would you rock a flower beard? And everyone else, would you date a guy who occasionally accessorized his facial hair with blossoms?

Was this guy just cast in a Wes Anderson movie or something?

"I prefer to stay anonymous – I don't want my boss knowing what I do on the weekends."

Trimming the garden, so to speak.

This guy went full-on bush by adding some evergreen sprigs.

I challenge you to a flower beard duel!

It's a fun activity to do with friends.

Look at this guy. Dressed to the nines, all ready to seduce the bridesmaids at his best friend's wedding.

Somehow the piercings make it look even better. Is that just me?

Rocking those aviators AND a sexy flower beard? This guy must get all the chicks.

It's the perfect disguise (when you're lounging in a field of daisies, of course).

Mmm. Maybe we can weave a few blooms into that chest hair, too.

You do you, mountain man. This guy clearly loves life, and he's showing his enthusiasm for living with the brightest, most beautiful flower beard of all.

I feel like somebody kind of forced this guy into it. Come on, dude! Smile! You look great.

Man bun + flower beard = my heart is all a-flutter. Also, LOOK AT THOSE EYES. Gorgeous.

What's the appropriate occasion to rock the flower beard? Is there one?

Let's say your guy suggests doing this for your wedding, because he thinks it's awesome. What would you say? @DaniaChicago, what about it? Eh?)

I'm pretty into the flower beard. Not exactly practical, but fun to look at. I'm interested to hear where you guys stand.

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