Cruz Old Fashioned

The correct way of writing it would be Cruz's Old Fashioned. However, if you order it, it sounds funny, and the bartender may look at you funny. So to prevent the nonsense from running amok, say it like it's worded in the title: Cruz Old Fashioned. And be done with it.

Why Cruz?

Cuz it's more than a brand of tequila. It's old-school 100% authentic estate-grown. This stuff isn't "Made In Michigan." Catch my drift?

Cruz Old Fashioned

2 parts Cruz Reposado Tequila

½ part simple syrup

2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

2 dashes Orange bitters


1 slice orange rind

1 slice grapefruit rind

Combine all ingredients except rinds with ice and stir for 40 seconds. Garnish with an orange and grapefruit rind.

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