Style game on, Bae Suzy

I cannot help but be amazed by Suzy's style. She's not only a cool idol but also a good actress. I hope she appears in more dramas.

Here are some gorgeous Suzy stills from Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan! Which of these are your favorite styles/outfits?

#1 The casual lace look

#2 The fashionably sporty look

#3 The formal pink look

#4 The mermaid green look

#5 The sleek and sexy look

#6 The red dance gown look

#7 The classic leather look

#8 The contemporary office look

#9 The chic and frilly look

#10 The tomboy suit look

I love #3 and #10, the formal pink and tomboy suit looks. They are so clean cut and classy!

K-Drama Star Style!

Tell me which outfits/styles you like best?

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