Even though TRBinNYC happened last week...OMG its been a week already; how is this possible?..I am so excited to see the live updates on twitter tonight as BTS performs in Chicago today and LA in two days. I am ready to cry, blush, fangirl and scream (quietly?). Im just worried that my PCD (post concert depression) is going to get really bad after tonight. Is this normal? Is it normal to still be crazy about a concert, after a week?

Hoping BTS is having a great time in chicago. J-Hope oppa, break dance (while I break down) and show your full sexiness. Actually, all of you!!! Jealous i'm not there right now.

I'll be here wishing shipping wasn't 35$. Like this is insane.

Ya'll better take like 20,000,99,00,90,99,99,0 pictures of jungkook (even though j-hope is my bias) 299,76,8$6,8,76,77,8,77,7 of jimin and 388,86,78,778,87,88,88 of everyone else cause like this is ridiculous how I am already fangirling, seriously!!

Luv U J-Hope, hobie ^. Credits to whoever took those pictures (aka fuse, dt, and other fans). Jungkook is so photogenic. Like why?

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